Contemporary photographer concerned with the documentation of architecture, interiors and the built environment

• 1999-2001 Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo
• 2002-2008 Faculty of Architecture, Vienna University of Technology
• 2008 Master of Science in Architecture, Vienna University of Technology
• 2008-2012 Architectural practice
• since 2012 freelance architectural photographer and architect, based in Sarajevo, BIH

My architectural education helped me to develop a deep understanding of how to present completed projects in the best possible way. This unique position enables me to interpret your needs more accurately. My knowledge of composition, lighting and detail enables me to capture and process photographs in a way which achieves maximum visual impact.

Good architectural photography is not just about documenting spaces, but capturing the design intent behind the space. As an architect, I cognitively know the way in which buildings and interior spaces are best presented.