The book “Sarajevo – My City, A Place to Meet” has been in preparation from 2007 to 2010. It is a luxurious bilingual publication, a modern photo-monograph divided into three parts. The first part provides us with information about the formation of Sarajevo and Bosnia –Herzegovina as well as the development of the city up to the end of the 20th century. In the second part, the main body of the book, the reader is taken for a walk through the city from the Eastern to the Western entrance, from the Kozja Bridge to the Roman Bridge. Together with the main story followed with photographs, there are some short stories so that the reader may find out more about the happenings, the buildings, and the city’s characteristics and about the way of life. In the third part, the author provides us with parts of interviews about the city with 16 friends and acquaintances, young Sarajevo citizens. This part as compared to the first part of the book is a symbolic representation of a glimpse into the future.

Jasminko Halilović, the author of the project, gathered a respectable team and this book is the result of their cooperation. Apart from Halilović, Nihad Kreševljaković worked on the text, while Haris Čalkić, Zijah Gafić, Milomir Kovačević i Anida Krečo are the authors of the photographs. OPEN GALLERY